2024 Kaggle Data Submission Application
2024 Machine Learning Marathon: UW-Madison's ML+X community is hosting a machine learning competition via Kaggle this summer (dates TBA). This event is an opportunity for community members to learn and apply ML tools together. For some in the community, this event promises an opportunity to apply ML skills for the first time. For others, it is an opportunity to advance their knowledge and expertise in the realm of applied ML. There will be different challenges to select from — some suited for beginners and some suited for advanced practitioners.

Seeking Data and ML Problem Submissions: Please fill out this form by Monday, April 29, if you are interested in featuring a dataset and associated machine learning task on Kaggle. One constraint you'll want to keep in mind is that we would need a dataset ready for the competition by May 9th (the sooner the better) to request a research grant via Kaggle. If your project is selected, data scientists around the world will compete to come up with the best solution for your project. In addition, students, researchers, and industry professionals in the ML+X community will have a chance to collaborate on problems that are local to UW-Madison and Wisconsin.

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