2024-2025 ARABIC Khatawaat Online Classes.       📚

📚Arabic Khatawaat Virtual Language and Culture Tutoring Classes is opening enrolment for Language Classes➡️Adults ONLY.

📚Starting Soon
📚3-MONTH Program🎯 September- November 2024
📚 TWO-Month Program🎯 December 2024- January 2024  (Accommodating Ramadan 2025 Calendar) 
📚3-MONTH Program🎯 January- March 2025
📚Summer Program🎯  May, June, July, August 2024/2025

📚 These Arabic LIVE classes are designed to meet multiple learning styles and help students excel in all areas of language acquisition through diverse teaching approaches based on each level.  
📚 Students are grouped by level based on their assessments.  Our mission is to empower you to communicate effectively in real-life situations, activate your vocabulary and join our Arabic Khatawaat Learning Community.
📚Arabic Khatawaat Learning Experience:
☑️Connect with fellow learners from diverse corners of the globe who share your commitment to learning Arabic.
☑️Benefit from our dynamic teaching methods catering to various learning styles.
☑️Join scheduled weekly 90-minute virtual sessions with our skilled instructors.
☑️Access one-on-one support and personalized feedback during dedicated office hours
☑️ Access interactive activities on our user-friendly learning management system/
☑️ Complete Weekly Tasks and practices/Resources and worksheets
☑️Participate in synchronous and asynchronous meetings for flexible engagement.
If you have any questions, please contact us at info@arabickhatawaat.com 
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