ASLLC Consultation/Language Advising Feedback Form 語文諮詢回饋問卷
Dear student
Thank you for attending the English language consultation/advising session at the Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre. To better understand your language needs and provide quality advising, please take a quick moment to complete this evaluation form. Your honest feedback is highly appreciated.

爲瞭解同學們在沈艾達語文研習中心諮詢過程之相關需求、參與情況、為你們提供更好的服務,特邀請你參與 此次問卷調查,希望你能提供寶貴意見。謝謝合作!
Language used 諮詢語言: *
Name of Advisor 導師名稱: *
Other advisor 其他導師
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1. Suitable language learning resources were recommended/I received suitable language learning resources. 這次諮詢提供適切的語言學習資源的建議。 *
2. I received meaningful feedback relating to my language learning needs. 這次諮詢對我學習語言提供了有用的意見。 *
3. The advising session has contributed to my understanding of language. 這次諮詢令我對語言有更深入的了解。 *
Other comments: 其他意見: *
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