Reimagining McGill Questionnaire
McGill's Strategic Academic Plan is the document that dictates to an enormous degree what areas of the University's academics are prioritized and developed. The plan lasts five years, and is set to expire near the end of McGill's Bicentennial celebration. As part of the conversation around ~ McGill’s third century ~, many groups have been talking about what a twenty-first century education should look like.

The paradigm of an 18-24 year old sitting in a classroom for three years and popping out with a degree on the other end needs serious re-thinking, and now, a platform is being given to those who have been putting serious thought into a new vision. Can you think of ways that learning culture can be improved in your faculty? Interested in exploring what it would mean to take the idea of “learning” outside of its box? How did you envision your university experience, and how can we help that vision come to life?

Reimagining McGill, which has the backing of the Provost’s Working Group on Lifelong Learning, aims to create a forum where students can share their hopes, thoughts, and concerns about the way the culture of teaching and learning at McGill is carried out. We’ll be holding consultation sessions this semester, but in case you can't attend in person, you can help frame this conversation by filling out the following questionnaire about what you would like the future of learning to look like at McGill.

If you answer at least 2 questions, you’ll be entered in a DRAW to win group tickets to Laser Quest (or a prize of equal value). Filling in all 4 questions enters you TWICE in the draw, and coming to an in-person consultation session will also enter you in the draw!
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