2020 Model Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2020; 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Location: The Fox School of Business at Temple University
Fee: $55 per student

The 2020 Model Senate Foreign Relations Committee will explore the critical junction of global affairs and legislative responsibility. Students will simulate three subcommittees of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and will be tasked with investigating an issue of global importance, exploring potential solutions, and seeking bipartisan consensus. The topics under consideration are: 1) Current developments in the U.S - Iranian relationship; 2) Cybersecurity and Election Interference; and 3) Migration in the Western Hemisphere. Students interested in participating in this program can register for one of four roles (described in detail below): 1) Senator; 2) Senator's Aide; 3) Expert Witness, and 4) Journalist.

Participation in the Council’s education programs, including the 2020 Model Senate, requires a High School Membership. The 2019-2020 membership fee is $250 and provides all students and faculty members at your school access to our global education programs as well as our signature speaker events. If interested in participating from a home school or cyber school, please use the contact information below to reach out to us directly.

If you have not yet registered for membership, please take a moment to fill out a membership form here: https://forms.gle/3vchhcjCNqQz6yJL7

If your school requires financial assistance to support your participation in this program, please contact Eric Bumbaca, Associate Director of Student Programs, at (215) 561-4700 ext. 216 or at ebumbaca@wacphila.org.
Application Deadline
All applications must be submitted no later than Friday, January 17, 2020 by 4:00 p.m.
Application Requirements
In order to successfully complete the application process for the 2020 Model Senate, all faculty advisers are requested to submit the (1) exact amount of student participants, (2) full names, and (3) grade levels for all student participants. If registering students as Senator's or Senator's Aides, then you will also need a working email address for each student. In addition, you must know exactly what each student's role will be (see below for the options available to participants). We recommend that you recruit and select students as soon as possible and prior to completing this application, as you cannot save your work and return at a later time.
Student Roles
Below you can find some information on each of the four roles for the upcoming Model Senate. More information can be found here: https://wacphila.org/model-senate/roles

The role of Senator is the most intensive and rewarding position in the 2020 Model Senate. Senators are tasked with chairing committees, questioning witnesses, debating potential solutions, and ultimately, crafting and voting on resolutions aimed at solving pressing global issues. Students applying for this role will be required to interview for this position, as well as attend two (2) mandatory prep sessions. Organization skills, public speaking skills, and the ability to lead peers are essential to this position. There will be 21 unique Senator roles for this program. Each Senator will be paired with a 'Senator's Aide' who will help the Senator research their position, craft speeches, and lines of questioning. You can nominate up to 5 students from one school for the role of Senator. Note that for each Senator you register, you will need to register an equal number of Senator's Aides so that we can pair students from the same school.

The role of Senator's Aide is crucial to the overall success of each Senator and subcommittee proceedings. The position allows students to partner with a Senator to help craft speeches, lines of questioning and general preparation for the Model Senate program. The position of Senator's Aide is ideal for students with strong research and organization skills and who would like an active role in the program without significant public speaking. The position may be ideal for underclassmen or students interesting in taking on leadership positions in the coming years. You can nominate up to 5 students from one school for the role of Senator's Aide. Senator's Aides will not be required to interview but will be required to attend one of the Prep Sessions with their assigned Senator.

Expert witnesses are instrumental to the success of the program and the overall quality of each subcommittee setting. Students assigned to the role of Expert Witness will be assigned a current or former political, economic, cultural or social figure who has direct knowledge of the topic under investigation. Students will be tasked with researching their assigned character, determining their positions on various issues and preparing remarks for the subcommittee. In addition, Expert Witnesses will be questioned by each Senator of their subcommittee and should be well-prepared to think on their feet. This position is ideal for students interested in an active role in the program and comfortable with research and public speaking. Each committee room will have up to 15 Witnesses. You can nominate up to 15 witnesses from your school, and there are no interview requirements and requirements to attend prep sessions.

The Journalist is charged with monitoring proceedings in one of the subcommittees and summarizing the proceedings, outcomes, and successes of the program to the World Affairs Council and their school community. The Journalist will be expected to write a detailed story following the summit to be submitted to the school newspaper or publication, as well as the World Affairs Council for our website and promotional materials. The role of Journalist is ideal for students interested in Journalism, or someone who wants to observe a program before taking a larger role in subsequent years. Students assigned the role of Journalist will have very little preparatory work and may be assigned to prep with Expert Witnesses at the discretion of the faculty advisor. We will accept up to 1 journalist per school.
Important Dates for Senator and Senator's Aide Nominees:

Senator and Senator's Aide Prep Session:
Wednesday, February 5th (4:30 - 5:30 p.m.)

Senator Only Prep Sessions:
Wednesday, February 19th (4:30 - 5:30 p.m.)
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