A/B Winter League 2020 ~ Registration/Wait List
01/08/20, 12:04 – Registration is now closed. If you're still interested in playing, please, add your information to the wait list, but DO NOT PAY until you're notified to do so.
Email address *
Please provide a *valid* email address at which your team captain and/or the league director can contact you. You will also receive a confirmation email at this address.
Player's stated preference of divisions will be acted upon when possible. If you only want a certain division, say so. Not all players in A division will be or should be higher skill/experience than all players in B division. Middle players with no strong preference are encouraged to sign up as such in order to balance the numbers as required to form teams.
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VOTS policy states that: **Ages 18 and over are allowed to participate in VOTS-sponsored leagues. **Ages 16-17 must have signed parental consent to participate in VOTS-sponsored leagues and must turn 16 by the last day of league finals. Players who are 16-17 can sign up but must submit a signed parental waiver. The waiver can be printed from <http://vots.org/Waiver.doc>.
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VOTS Email List
The best way to keep up-to-date on VOTS events (including announcements about league) is by joining the VOTSplayers Yahoo! list. The list is moderated and messages are generally on-topic. If you are a NEW player, would you like to be invited to join the VOTSplayers email list (using the email address provided above)?
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If your payment email address is different from the above, or if you're paying for another registrant (or they're paying for you), enter addition information below.
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Experience Level (1-7)
1. I am new to this sport.
2. I've played informal pickup only.
3. I've played 1-2 seasons of league (with VOTS or elsewhere) or played pickup for years.
4. I've played 3-6 seasons of league (with VOTS or elsewhere) or 5+ full weekend tournaments.
5. I've played 7+ seasons of league (with VOTS or elsewhere) or 2 years of college ultimate.
6. I have played 3+ years of college or 2+ years of club ultimate.
7. I have played TONS of club ultimate or at the Nationals/Worlds college/club level.
Using the scale above, which of these describes your highest level of EXPERIENCE playing ultimate? *
Year started playing: *
(ex. 1989)
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If this is one of your first three VOTS leagues, please give a brief description of where, how long, and at what level you have played in the past.
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Cutting (1-6)
1. I am a novice/What is a "cut"?
2. I know what a stack is and am still learning to make cuts or struggle to get open in a league game.
3. I am comfortable making cuts/catching at a league level.
4. I have good cutting/catching skills at a league level. (top half of league)
5. I have strong cutting/catching skills at a league level. (top 1/3 of league)
6. I could be one of the top cutters on a competitive Regionals level college /club team. (top 10% of league)
Using the scale above, how would you rate your CUTTING skills? *
Throwing (1-6)
1. I have rarely thrown a disc before/I am learning to throw.
2. I am comfortable throwing a backyand, but the forehand still needs work.
3. I have average throwing skills at a league level.
4. I have reliable throwing skills at a league level, am comfortable handling, and may have good long throws (top half of league).
5. I have throwing skills to be a primary handler at a league level (top 1/3 of league)
6. I could be a reliable handler on a competitive Regionals level club/college team (top 10% of league).
Using the scale above, how would you rate your THROWING skills? *
Defense (1-6)
1. I am a novice/I don't know what a mark, stall, or force is.
2. I know what a mark is and how to guard a player in a stack.
3. I have average defensive skills at a league level and I know what a zone is.
4. I have strong defensive skills at a league level, with a good understanding of defensive strategies (top half of league).
5. I can confident in my ability to guard almost anyone in league. (top 1/3 of league)
6. I could be one of the top defenders on a competitive Regionals level college/club team. (top 10% of league)
Using the scale above, how would you rate your DEFENSIVE skills? *
Conditioning (1-5)
1. I haven’t exercised in years/I get winded easily.
2. I exercise infrequently but am in decent shape.
3. I am in average condition at a league/recreational sport level.
4. I am in average condition at a club sport level.
5. I am in top physical condition.
Using the scale above, how would you describe your current CONDITIONING level? *
Speed (1-5)
1. I’ve lost a step along the way/I never had a step to begin with.
2. I’m not that fast.
3. I feel evenly matched with most league players.
4. I can beat most players in league in a footrace.
5. I can beat all other players in league in a footrace.
Using the scale above, how would you describe your SPEED? *
Height *
(ex. ft' in")
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Comments on conditioning / injuries:
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Games start Jan 7. Finals are tentatively set for Saturday, Feb. 15th. Finals date is likely to change due to conflicts with other AZ ultimate events. We will try to clarify this in the near future.
"A" League will primarily play on Tuesday; "B" League primarily on Thursday.
Exact schedule is dependent on registration numbers. Teams will have 5-7 weeknight games plus playoffs.
There could be up to two weeks in which a team plays on Tuesday and Thursday the same week. (Two weeks unlikely, one more likely, zero is possible.)
Estimate how many nights (out of 5-7, between Jan 7th & Feb 13th) that you might miss during the season: *
Just a number, please. We'll ask about specific dates in the next question.
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Specific dates you will miss, or Other notable scheduling conflicts:
If you don't know, please leave blank.
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Will you be able to play at league finals on Saturday, Feb. 15th? *
12/15/19 ~ This date IS tentative. We will take measures to update your information if the date of finals changes.
The concept of baggage is designed soley to introduce brand NEW PLAYERS to the sport by allowing them play on a team with someone they know. List the person you are bagging with in the box below. (One only, please.) Baggage is NOT intended to ensure that couples & carpoolers get to play together. If couples/carpoolers wish to play together, explain the situation in the box below. Captains will see your note during the draft and attempt (but not guarantee) to pick you on the same team. Baggage approvals will be left to the discretion of the league director. While we try to accommodate preferences, we reserve the right to refuse baggage requests. Other options for couples/carpoolers: captain together or choose a same night as preference.
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Are you willing to captain? *
Captaining includes reporting scores, occasionally setting up fields, and occasionally sounding time caps. Instruction will be provided.
If 'yes' or 'maybe,' do you have a co-captain in mind?
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If you have any questions about league, please contact Tim Streit <tstreit@vots.org>. If you have problems with the website, contact Katherine Nabity <webmaster@vots.org>.
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