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Submit your demo to Code Production here. We work with artists from all over the world in every genre. We listen to all demos that are submitted to us, but please respect that we might take time to respond or not respond at all, due to many artists sending demos to us.

Your demo doesn’t need to be perfect yet. We are listening to your potential, not the studio quality. If you have a work in progress and are really talented, then we will help you shape the edges. Although, well produced music does matter and please do not send a recording from your mobile phone.

What Code Production do is to take your music to a whole new level, therefore we are looking for attitude, talent, and driven people. We love when people know why they are creating their music. Hence, please also write a few lines why you are doing this and why you would like to be part of the Code Production family. Yes, our artists are our family, once you are with us we are in this together. But please don’t write an essay, a huge mass of text won’t cheer up our A&Rs. Rather they will skip it if it is too long. Just write short and concisely.

You can only submit your music to our A&R team via a streaming service like Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Dropbox or Wetransfer etc. To upload your music to us is no longer possible, since our mailboxes became to crowded. Please submit your top 1 to 10 songs only, we will only listen to all songs anyhow.

There is a checkbox in the demo submission form to give us this right.
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Don’t send the same song twice.
Submit a demo that represents you and that you are proud of.
Write a short and concise letter why you want to be part of Code Production and how we can help.
Your demo submission doesn’t need to be perfect. However good recording quality is taken into consideration.

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