District Council 37 Community Associations Coordinator Application


Community Association Coordinator Application

As it is currently constituted, District Council 37’s Political Action Department's operation is centralized at union headquarters, where the majority of the communication and engagement with union activists, elected officials, community, as well as civic groups occur. However, to effectively increase member engagement and participation in the political operation, we need to take the union to them. Focusing in communities with high member density, Political Action will build strong local committees that will spearhead local events targeting members, electeds, community groups, etc. These local committees will organize Meet and Greets with elected officials, recruit members for in-district lobbying efforts, work with local groups to promote the Council’s agenda, organize phone banks and canvasses for DC 37 endorsed candidates. Political Action staff will provide guidance, oversight, and follow-up.

Committee Role and Description

Political Action Coordinating Committees will be made up of rank and file members as well as retirees. The committees will provide members with an exciting way to actively participate in political and legislative affairs on an ongoing basis. Each Coordinating Committee will include an Organizing Committee, consisting of 5-7 members, retirees and a Political Action staffer. The organizing committee will be responsible for organizing meetings, actions, events, member outreach, trainings, elected outreach, in-district lobbying efforts, volunteer phone banks and canvasses, etc. The Political Action Coordinating Committees will meet on a quarterly basis, and its agenda will be shaped by Political Action and the Executive Office.

DC 37 has community associations with a regular meeting schedule for the areas listed below. The meeting schedule is listed in the Public Employee Press, or you can call Political Action at (212) 815-1550 or email The Office of Community Partnerships at ocpdc37@gmail.com for more details.

• Co-op City
• West Bronx
• Crown Heights
• Bedford Stuyvesant
• Harlem
• Southeast Queens
• Flushing
• Staten Island North Shore
• Staten Island South Shore

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