Registration of Interest in Developing Case Studies of Humanitarian Data Management
As a part of its initiative on Preparing Civil Society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum and the UN OCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data will work together over the next year to develop case studies on the risks, harms, and benefits associated with data management in different humanitarian contexts. These case studies will illustrate current strategies for humanitarian data management, pathways for potential digital harms, and specific guidance on making critical decisions on taking action with data.

This joint effort will consist of the following components:

1. An open call for participation among civil society and humanitarian organisations
2. An open bidding process for researchers interested in leading on the case study development. For each of the case studies, a series of interviews and field based research with participating organisations led by an independent researcher
3. Dissemination of the paper in future events and fora

Organisations and independent researchers can register their interest below to receive additional information about the call for participation and the bidding process for researchers.
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