"Camping at Home" Survey
As part of its on-going educational series on neighborhood preparedness, Skyline Grange would like your input on topics for future workshops, potential bulk purchases, and communications. Your responses are confidential unless you choose to provide contact details to be informed of Grange-sponsored activities.
What preparedness topics do you want to learn more about? (select all the apply)
If the Grange organized bulk purchases of emergency supplies at discount prices, what would be you be interested to buy?
Would you be interested in taste-testing a variety of freeze dried foods for emergency use? (There would be a suggested per-person contribution to cover costs.)
Would you be interested in being part of a local communications network whereby neighbors could contact one another in an emergency?
If you wish to be contacted by Skyline Grange regarding future workshops or bulk buy events, please provide your name and email.
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We welcome your comments or suggestions regarding Skyline Grange's neighborhood preparedness programs.
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