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In the fractions of seconds whizzing pass your ear the world is changing by mercurial amounts. Time, they say, waits for none. But do you have the charisma to cage the flying time in your thoughts and put them through the lense of your viewpoint? If yes, then charge your cursor through the pixels of blank spaces to win exciting prizes.

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Topics for the Comment-Fire:
01. Life in Lockdown:
Did you pick that book-reading habit you've been longing to emulate? Or, did you cry your eyes out longing for the known faces? How were your days during the isolation? Comment.

02. CricBuzz 2020:
Beyond the fanatism of Mahi and Kohli lies the world of cricket analytics. In IPL 2020 which team clean bowled you? Whose performance was the best? Rack your brains and provide a rock-solid, no-nonsense logic for your choice of the Best Team question.

03. Media Now-a-days:
Media is the fourth pillar of the constitution. It helps holding the integrity of democracy. But what happens when it misleads you? And what happens when media stands with a strong spine? Is the media right now operating in the right direction? Comment.

04. Wake Me Up When Pandemic Ends:
Times are going to change. Tomorrow. Or the day next. What is the first thing that you will do once the pandemic subsides? That trip with friends you've been planning forever? Or a journey to the street food stalls? Comment
Exciting prizes for the best entries from each Topic

1. Word limit: 100 words
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3. You have to comment your thoughts in the given post where topic is written.
4. You can comment on more then one topic.
5. Comment format :- Topic Serial Number_ Your Comment ( 01 _ comment )
6. Copy and paste comments will be disqualified.
7. Make sure to gather as much as likes you can get on your comments .
8. Weightage of likes is only 50% and the rest will be decided by our team.
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