Come Live With Me Viewer Survey
Thank you for taking the time to answer these short questions and giving us feedback.
What kind of device did you use to view the site?
How was your initial impression of the website?
Not Great
Easy to read (both font style and size)?
Was the font size too large or small? Was the chosen font difficult to read or in a color that made the text not as readable as it could have been?
Your answer
How clear was the site home page/Introduction page?
Were you able to get a sense of what the site was offering, how it could be used, what tools were available?
Not clear
Very clear
How easy was it to use the site menu?
Not easy
Very easy
Was it easy to get yourself around the site?
Not easy
Very easy
How did you find the layout of the site?
Was everything organized well and set out as expected?
Your answer
Could you tell what each page was about?
How did you find the short introductions to each page?
Did you view any of the multimedia content?
Images, videos, playlists
Were there any pages that seemed confusing? Either in their content or presentation?
Check all that apply.
Was there something missing you were expecting to see?
Your answer
Did you experience any issues with the site?
Did the links work? Could you click on images and see expanded versions?
If yes, what was the issue?
Your answer
How can we improve the site?
Are there any suggestions you have for certain pages? General layout? Content?
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