Iceline Hosting - Job Application
Here at Iceline Hosting, we are a customer-focused, enthusiastic, motivated, intelligent team.

We expect you to be able to approach and respond to customers with a great attitude and also assist customers with their needs.

You will need to be independent at times, but also able to work as a team.

We offer many services which you will need to familiarise yourself with in order to provide superb support.

Please Note:
The following is the initial application stage, the answers given will be elaborated at the interview stage,
so please answer as honestly as possible.

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How would you rate your past experience and knowledge of making sales? *
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Why is it important to have a well-put together team? *
Read the following statement and write your appropriate response: *
"What are you not allowed to install on a VPS?"
Read the following statement and write your appropriate response: *
"What is the difference between game hosting and VPS hosting?"
Read the following statement and write your appropriate response: *
"What game servers does Iceline Hosting support?"
A customer has messaged the team on the live chat, and you answer it. The customer then proceeds to verbally abuse you and ignore your messages, what do you do? *
A customer asks you a question on the live chat, but you don't know how to answer it, what do you do? *
A customer has purchased a service, but their service has not yet been setup. The customer is asking how long it will take, what do you do? *
You're currently relaxing and you're not meant to be working. However a customer comes on the live chat but all of your colleagues are busy, what do you do? *
A customer purchases a server, then a week later asks for a refund with the reason "I don't need the server anymore". You have told them they can't get a refund as it doesn't meet the requirements in the refund policy. The customer is now threatening to leave a bad review, what do you do? *
What skills do you have that are you most proud of? *
This is your chance to prove to us why you're the best. Don't be shy.
Do you currently have a job other than Iceline Hosting? If so, where? *
We can't employ you if you work at another hosting company.
How did you find Iceline Hosting? *
What past experience do you have that will benefit you working here? *
Include any past jobs you had.
Why would you like to work at Iceline Hosting? *
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