CAAN Black Employee Support Survey 2021
Last year at the beginning of the pandemic, CAAN surveyed Black employees to gauge how well they were being supported as most of us transitioned into working from home. The survey results were a clear indicator that Black employees were unsupported, lacked access to promotional opportunities, and wanted Black leadership in the City of Portland. The survey served as a jumping point for CAAN. We stopped just being a lunch time affinity group and began writing letters to Directors / Commissioners, asking for accountability and wrote a Workforce Report that has gotten Citywide attention. Now that it has been over a year, CAAN is preparing to work with City Council to address the Workforce Report. We hope to share the experiences and feedback of Black employees working for the City and make meaningful change to support us. We also know that during this time of crisis; our work environment in addition to people’s fear, anxiety, trauma responses, and feelings of being overwhelmed can be at an all-time high resulting in negative impacts on mental wellbeing.

CAAN is interested in providing us with a voice, as well as elevating that voice. We recognize that we don’t speak for all Black experiences, which is why we hope this survey will provide a safe and confidential space to share the depth of our experiences. While CAAN cannot speak directly with managers, we hope to use the survey results to present to our policy makers and City Council, so that our voices are heard.

This survey is confidential and responses are anonymous. Please feel free to email if you want to share more or need additional support. CAAN will be awarding (2) $50 Digital Gift Cards in a drawing to survey participants.
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Do you identify as black / African American? *
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Do you feel like your supervisor/leader empowers you to tend to your mental health? *
Do you feel safe to disclose when you are experiencing mental distress? *
Do you feel like you receive the support necessary to be successful in your role from your supervisor/leadership? *
Do you feel tokenized in your role? *
Do you feel comfortable to air/share grievances? *
Do you know the process to seek assistance for complaints against coworkers/managers/etc? *
Which answer best fits your perspective? *
How would you rate your overall satisfaction of your experience as a City employee? *
How do you feel about equity and inclusion efforts improving your experience as an employee? *
What do you need to feel supported and valued as a Black employee?
What do you want City Leadership to know about your experience as a City employee?
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