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3MDR are writing our new Strategic Plan and we want to hear from everyone!! Whether you listen in 24/7, once a week or never (we want to change this one)... We want to know your thoughts about YOUR community radio station.
This survey will be open until Sunday 9th October, so plenty of time to get yours in!
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3MDR is always keen to partner with people and organisations in our community. Do you, or your organisation, have a fantastic Special Project Idea?
Special Projects could be anything, for example: radio plays; significant anniversary celebrations, reading news and items of interest for people with vision impairments... They might be a one-off or a short series. We would like to encourage everyone to be involved at 3MDR and you don't have to present a weekly show to achieve this. Please outline your Special Project Idea and include some contact details and we will get back to you.
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