To register for admission to class LKG and UKG for academic year 2021-2022, please enter all the details below correctly. In case there are more than once children fill one form for each child.
Name of Student (As given in Birth Certificate) *
Date of Birth (as given in Birth Certificate) *
Permanent Address *
Temporary Address (ignore if same as above)
Name of Father *
Phone number of Father *
Occupation of Father *
Annual Income of Father *
Name of Mother *
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Occupation of Mother *
Annual Income of Mother
Class to which the child is seeking Admission *
Select Class to which you are seeking admission from the list
Name of Previous School
Students seeking admission to LKG may ignore this
Aadhaar Number of Child
Details of Brothers or Sisters Studying in this School
Mention Name, Class etc of brother or sister currently studying in this school
Name of Guardian (Optional)
Mention Name, Relation with Student and Contact Number
Parents Email address (if available)
Affidavit *
I, parent/guardian of the above mentioned child registering for admission to academic year 2021-2022 hereby agree that all details given above are true and correct. I understand that online registration does not guarantee admission in this school. I also agree that I shall pay all required fees published by the school from time to time and that I and my child shall follow all rules and regulations of this School.
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