FMC Foundation Employee Scholarship Application
The purpose of the Scholarship Fund of the Fairchild Medical Center Foundation is to provide assistance to all hospital employees interested in advancing their education.

Awards will be limited to $1000 per employee, per calendar year. If you are participating in a multi-year program you will need to apply again each year for additional funds.

Scholarship recipients will have a period of one calendar year in which to receive and utilize their awarded monies. Monies not distributed within a calendar year will be considered forfeited and the application/award withdrawn.

Questions regarding the Scholarship Program can be directed to the Fairchild Medical Center Foundation Scholarship Chair Debbie Froelich at Debbie is available to schedule a time to answer your questions in person. Please email her for an appointment/availability.

Applications on average take 30 to 60 days from submission to approval/denial.

* Scholarship Funds are available to full and part time employees only who have been continuously employed by FMC for a minimum of 12 months.
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