2014 TPP8A Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 中秋晚会
Dear All TPP8A Residents:

We are pleased to announce our very first Mid-Autumn Festival celebration party 2014 in our lovely garden. The date is set for Saturday, September 06, 2014. The location is at basketball court, Taman Putra Prima 8A. Dinner reservations are required.

The resident association of TPP8A has allocated extra funds to enrich the light dinner menu and to cover the facility cost. Please bring along your family members to enjoy an evening of social networking and celebration with other TPP8A residents. However residents are most welcome to also bring along variety of delicacies (potluck) to supplement and cheer our very own first of its kind occasion. With all residents’ enthusiasm and active participation, our function will surely be a successful one.

Schedule of events
7.00 Welcoming speech by President of TPP8A
7.30 Presentation by Genius Kid Kindergarten
8.00 Dinner
Lantern Making Competition*
8.30 Lantern Riddles
9.00 Annoucement of Winners
9.30 Lucky Draw
10.00 Dismiss

Yours sincerely,
Resident Association

致所有亲爱的 TPP8A 居民:




7.00 主席致欢迎词
7.30 Genius Kid 幼儿园歌舞表演
8.00 食物招待
灯笼制作比赛 *
8.30 猜灯谜
9.00 颁奖
9.30 幸运抽奖
10.00 散会

TPP8A 居民委员会

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