School Safari session request
If you are a teacher wishing to book a session for your class: "Welcome!" Please use this form to request a time slot.

To do so, please first check in the agenda on the left what days are still available as we can only do three schools/classes per safari. In order to do this, please select your time zone from the dropdown menu above the agenda to show the drives in your local time.
Please also check the age groups of the classes who have already reserved a slot per session, as you will need to book according to that same age group. To see the age group per day, click on "1 (or) 2 Slots Available" on any date, there is a drop-down menu that shows which schools and which age groups have already been reserved for those dates. Please apply accordingly

Next, pick a time you would like the session to start. (Note drives end three hours from the start time, so be sure to pick a start time that makes your session fit within this time frame.) (If drives run across midnight in your time zone, you will see something like e.g. >>02:00 show up. This means the drive started the previous day and runs until 02:00 AM (in this case) on the day you are looking at.)

Then, finally, complete all questions and submit the form. We will then get back to you, within 48 hours, with any questions and/or a confirmation and further info.

Thank you and we hope to see you on safariLIVE with us soon.

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