Game Test - DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Presented by The Boeing Company
Jared H-K's DEEP SPACE Game Test
This is a multiple choice test.
It is not designed to trick you. If you are having trouble, read the manual. Getting a good score on this quiz does not mean that you adequately read the manual. It is just a sampling. You may retake the test as many times as you wish (unless instructed to do otherwise by a mentor/captain/etc.). There are 25 multiple choice and true/false questions. The order of the questions and answer choices will be assigned at random.
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We also have a Kahoot! version of the test available. It is a fun, multiplayer competition style game to learn the rules. More details about that can be found at
ROBOTS may extend ________________ beyond their FRAME PERIMETER. *
What is the VIOLATION if team members enter or exit the FIELD over the guardrail or otherwise not through open gates? *
What is the maximum ROBOT weight? *
When the SANDSTORM clears, alliances earn points by all of the following EXCEPT... *
How many BAYS does each ROCKET and each CARGO SHIP have? *
A ROBOT that hasn’t fully crossed their HAB LINE to leave their HAB ZONE at any point during the MATCH isn’t eligible for the HAB Climb Bonus. *
How long is a MATCH? *
If order placement of ROBOTS matters to either or both ALLIANCES, the ALLIANCE must notify the Head REFEREE during setup for that MATCH. *
For the 2019 FIRST Championship, how are the six (6) divisions split up? *
What are the two types of GAME PIECES? *
During the SANDSTORM PERIOD, a ROBOT may not cross the FIELD such that its BUMPERS break the plane defined by their opponent’s CARGO SHIP LINE. *
There are three (3) Red ROCKETS and three (3) Blue ROCKETS positioned against each guardrail. *
How long is the AUTONOMOUS PERIOD? *
The CENTER LINE: an unmarked reference line that bisects the length of the FIELD. *
During the SANDSTORM period, alliances earn points by all of the following EXCEPT... *
During the SANDSTORM period, robots... *
Which teams do NOT qualify for the FIRST Championship from a Regional event? *
The playground balls used as CARGO are balanced all the way around and wall thickness is constant. *
HATCH PANELS may not be launched more than ___________ beyond the FRAME PERIMETER. *
The Q&A is a resource for... *
ROBOTS may have extended or repeated control of up to three (3) GAME PIECES at one. *
There is no "Bag and Tag" Day (Stop Build Day) in 2019. *
What is the correct Qualification MATCH ranking criteria? *
What are the missing measurements on this image? *
Captionless Image
How much CARGO is located in each ALLIANCE WALL-facing CARGO SHIP BAY? *
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