Fostering Music Literacy In Rehearsals and the Music Classroom
Monday August 19th - Wednesday August 21st
Time: 8:30 - 3:00pm

Where: -
Solvay High School
600 Gertrude Ave
Solvay, NY 13039

Dr. Carol Krueger
Dr. Hillary Ridgley

Payment: (please mail to Christian Oliver)
$50 - Educators
$25 -College/Student

Checks made out to: Solvay High School Chorus

Registration Closes Monday June 30th, 2019

Workshop Description:
Helping students become musically literate is central to the school, community, and church music curriculum. While there is much agreement about why we should teach sight singing and musicianship skills, there is less agreement about how we should teach those skills. Far too often students are taught to be savvy symbol decoders rather than independent literate musicians.

Working from the premise that students learn musical skills in much the same order as they do language skills, participants will explore how we ‘learn’ music through hearing and imitating patterns before reading (translating notation into sound) and writing (translating sound into notation). The pedagogy also includes a sequence of instruction that results in a strong link between sound and notation.

The TAKADIMI rhythm-pedagogy system, a beat-oriented system whose originators see it as evolving from Gordon’s syllables, will be incorporated. The rhythm syllables can easily be adapted to elementary through adult choral and instrumental rehearsals in the church and K-Collegiate setting.

Workshop participants will also be presented with teaching strategies and techniques for integrating and applying literacy skills to appropriate repertoire. Special attention will be given to the development of curriculum maps.
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