CLTA-WA PD Grant Application
CLTA-WA Local Professional Development Grant:
Award Amount: Grants awarded in amounts of US$100 support professional development that involves travel expenses to locations within Washington state or out-of-state locations near Washington, i.e., Portland, OR or Vancouver, BC.

CLTA-WA National Professional Development Grant:
Award Amount: Grants are awarded in amounts of US$250 and are used to support attendance at national conferences, e.g., ACTFL/CLTA/CLASS; National Chinese Language Conference).

(The maximum amount of CLTA-WA’s annual professional development budget is $1000. )

Applicants must be current members in good standing of CLTA-WA.

Applications and Notification: Applications should be submitted between July 1st to July 15th of each year. Applicants will be notified on July 31st. Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead and give careful attention to the timeline of the grant application process..

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of:

Clearly defined goals and budget
Proposed professional development likely enhances applicant’s Chinese pedagogy improves classroom instruction and student achievement.
Proposed collegial sharing is interactive and effective.

Recipients are expected to share their new learning with the CLTA-WA membership by emailing the workshop/conference slides and handouts to within one month after they return.

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1.(For the following three questions, please answer within 500 words in total. Both Chinese and English are acceptable). Please summarize your professional development goals. *
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3.With whom will you share what you have learned? How will your students potentially benefit from your attendance at the professional development? *
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