Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Annual Student Survey
We invite you to participate in this year's student perception survey. We value your feedback and use this information to better your school experience. Thank you so much for your participation.
2 β˜ƒοΈ. What is your current grade? *
You are a... *
4 🐼. The primary language spoken in my home is. *
5 🐢. I feel safe in my classroom. *
6 πŸ₯ I feel safe in the cafeteria. *
7 πŸ‘£. I feel safe in the hallways. *
8 πŸ‘ . I feel safe on the bus. *
9 🐧. I feel safe at recess. *
10 🌟. I feel my school work is important. *
11 🎸️. I feel teachers do whatever it takes to help me learn. *
12 🐳 I feel I get the help I need. *
13 🐝 I feel cared for at school. *
14 🐌 I feel respected at school. *
15 πŸ• I feel that there is an adult I can talk to in the building about my needs. *
16 ☘️ I know that I am going to graduate high school. *
18 ✈️️ I feel it is important to attend school everyday. *
19 🎈 My family feels it is important for me to attend school everyday. *
20 🐭 I see my principal at school (hallways, lunchroom, classrooms) daily. *
21 🐳 Do you feel that Mindfulness helps you relax at school? *
22 🐧Do you enjoy practicing Mindfulness at school? *
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