Causes of the Civil War Timeline Events 21-25 and Summary Essay
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1. What was John Brown attempting to do at Harper's Ferry? *
2. What was the result of John Brown's Raid? *
3. How did Southerners view John Brown's Raid? *
4. Which of the following happened to the Democrat Party in the Election of 1860? *
5. Abraham Lincoln was a member of which political party? *
6. In the Election of 1860, which of the following candidates did Southern Democrats refuse to support? *
7. Which of the following explains why the Republican party was created? *
8. Who won the Election of 1860? *
9. Which of the following best describes the term "session?" *
10. Which of the following was the first state to succeed? *
11. The 11 states that seceded joined one another in the creation of a new country called? *
12. Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired? *
13. During this assignment you completed a 5 paragraph essay about the Cause of the Civil War. Copy and paste your essay into the box below. *
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