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In this highly competitive labor market, companies of all sizes are turning to perks as a method to attract and retain top talent.

However, whether a company offers two or 20 perks, someone still has to pick, purchase, manage, and maintain them which is a manual and time-consuming process. Even worse, when organizations choose perks, often times they appeal to only some of the employees, not all of them which leads to a poor experience for employees.

Instead of buying the perks the company thinks the employees want, with Compt, companies take the money they’d invest in perks and give it to their employees to spend in categories that align with the company’s values and their individual needs. This approach to perks eliminates the administrative burden, reduces perks waste, and creates an experience that employees, and HR managers, love.

*As a beta user, we ask that you:
- Use the software with your team for 3 months (or 12 weeks).
- Complete a few surveys along the way to help us identify our roadmaps.
- Share with us your learnings, stories, and stories of how using Compt is (or isn't) impacting your company.

*In return, you'll get:
- To better solve for your employees and their needs, while improving the perks management process.
- Our software at a deeply discounted rate, for life. $10/month total to start, and 90% off discount for life.
- To help us transform an outdated company perks model, and put employees first.

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