Call for (self)nominations to the Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network Steering Committee
This form has been designed for (self-)nominations to join the Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network (Health KAN) Steering Committee. If you wish to nominate a candidate other than yourself, then please indicate so in the designated section below. We are aiming for a mix between Development Team members and new incoming members for the establishment of the Steering Committee.

Support and enable solution-driven transdisciplinary research and action to improve understanding of how global and regional environmental changes can affect population health and health systems, and of effective and efficient solutions to maintain and improve planetary health and human well-being.

Engage with health and other research communities, policy-makers, educators, civil society, media, industry, and donors, to advance planetary health/One Health/eco-health research and build capacity for generating, sharing and applying knowledge.

The Health KAN activities are in line with the Visions and Missions and are strategic to bring transformation and innovation into society. They contribute to Future Earth Global Systemic Challenges and other focused activities in collaboration with Future Earth communities, such as Global Research Projects (GRPs), other KANs, and other research and non-research programmes. All in all, the activities are in line with the principles and strategies that link the scientific backbone with societal actions.

The Steering Committee develops, prioritizes, and executes agreed on the activities and objectives of the Health KAN. The Steering Committee regularly engages with other Members of the Knowledge-Action Network to develop, prioritize, and execute activities. The Steering Committee periodically informs other KAN stakeholders, including the Future Earth secretariat of its process (e.g. through the website). In principle, the Steering Committee consists of around 15 appointed members and officers that according to the needs of the KAN represent different regions, Future Earth subcommunities (e.g. Core Projects, FTIs, Clusters, Advisory Committee, Regional Centres and Offices and National Committees), subdisciplines, and sectors (academic, public, non-profit, and private). The Steering Committee aims for a balanced representation of geographies, disciplines, gender, and career stages. Transdisciplinary science expertise would be beneficial.


Please note that the submitter of the form must provide his/her own email in this form even if the submitter is nominating a third party. All the content related details in the form are about the nominee. If the submitter is nominating a third party then the email of the nominee can be provided in the designated section.

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