Minecraft Manager Survey
We are after a variety of people new or experienced with Minecraft
to take this survey for a more diverse and meaningful result.
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Do you use any of these third party programs that you use on a regular bases along side Minecraft?
Include any other software that you use related to Minecraft in the 'Other' box below.
When you host a Minecraft server what version do you use most? *
If you have a different server software preference please use the 'Other' option.
Select the version(s) of Minecraft you play. *
How do you usually access your .minecraft files? *
These are files like resource packs and screenshots.
Where is your go to for Minecraft crafting, enchanting & brewing needs? *
Do NOT post full links. A website name like 'Minecraft Wiki' is fine.
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Minecraft Manager 2
If you don't have Minecraft Manager 2 already you can download it from here: http://mcmanager.net/download.php
How much do you use Minecraft Manager 2?
If you have used Minecraft Manager 2 for a while, select from the scale below accordingly.
Don't like using it.
Use it all the time.
How useful is Minecraft Manager 2?
Not useful.
Very useful.
If you host server's, how many server do you run at the same time?
This is servers on the same machine as each other.
How did you find this survey? *
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Is there anything you would like to see in the next Minecraft Manager?
If you have any ideas on what you would like to see added please let us know below.
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