DIGI READY project
In order to ensure that digital inclusion and preparedness exists in VET (Vocational education training), the DIGI-Ready project is looking for good practices, calling upon organisations, students with disabilities and VET educators across the European Union to submit their best attempts at making digital education inclusive in the midst of the COVID19 crisis. These practices need to have a proper methodology that can be mapped and analysed after the collection.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is April 15th, 2022. For any further questions, please contact tavishi.rekhi@easpd.eu.

A good practice under the DIGI READY project refers to an approach that contributed towards inclusive digital practices in VET for persons with disabilities. The following resources can be submitted that define these good practices:

Policy documents
Publications empirical
Publications Theoretical/Conceptual

(The list is not exhaustive and other practices resources can also be considered)

Essential criteria:

1. The practice successfully contributes to the implementation of UN CRPD provisions in that area of support;
2. The practice has (had) a positive impact in providing/enhancing access to high-quality community-based
     services for persons with disabilities promoting inclusion;
3. The practice is developed in co-production with all relevant stakeholders;
4. The practice successfully demonstrates why it is innovative in its local/regional/national context;
5. The practice has positive prospects for future activity, sustainability and scaling-up;
6. The practice addresses accessibility and inclusive education issues;

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