NHPA is a Professional Association run by and for NASA HQ employees in service to NASA Scientists, Engineers, and Administrative employees. NHPA is committed to the NASA Family and our agency's Core Values: "Mission success requires uncompromising commitment to: Safety, Excellence, Teamwork, and Integrity."

Our purpose is to give us, NASA HQ employees, an opportunity to engage and negotiate with our agency leaders and legislators, as a group, over our careers, interests, working conditions, and compensation. As a member of NHPA, your support will ensure that you have a strong voice and advocate as you work to achieve the NASA mission to innovate and explore.
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$10.00 per pay period

As a non-profit, our dues are used to maintain our organization, including providing legal support over complex agency policies and changes. Dues do not go toward PACs or politicians.

You can choose to pay dues by pay period, through dues withholding, through an authorized payroll deduction form (SF-1187). Or, you can pay by check the full annual dues amount of $260.00, made out to NHPA-IFPTE Local 9.

A copy of a SF-1187 form can be found on our website at https://www.nhpa.org/join.html
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