Yoga Class Disclaimer
To be completed once by all students.   Please read and fill in the details below.

By signing this disclaimer I acknowledge the risks associated with physical exercise and I understand it is my own responsibility to consider my own health before joining any yoga class.

I understand that yoga is not a substitute for proper medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  If I have any pre-existing medical conditions I will consult my doctor prior to participation in the yoga class.  In addition I will make the teacher aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations before the class.

If I am pregnant I will let the teacher know prior to the class and I understand that not all classes are suited to pregnancy, and certain practices can pose further risks to myself and/or unborn baby/babies.

Regardless of my previous experience in yoga, I understand that it is my own responsibility to stop practising if I feel any discomfort or feel uncertain about anything I am practising during the class.

I understand that from time to time during the in-person class the teacher may physically adjust students whilst in a posture.  If I do not want the adjustment I will inform the teacher.  I also understand that if I am adjusted  it is my responsibility to let the teacher know that the adjustment has gone far enough.

I exonerate and indemnify the teacher of yoga from any liability arising from any personal injury or medical complaint suffered by me (physical and/or mental) directly or indirectly as a result of attending a yoga class.
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