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Calling all aspiring Documentary Filmmakers.
Do you have an idea you would like to make? Or a message?
Here is your chance to develop your idea and learn about documentary filmmaking from two experienced international filmmakers, tutors Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt. If you are serious about a career in filmmaking then this course is a unique opportunity, in Azerbaijan, to gain inside information of the film industry and the art form of documentary filmmaking. You do not need to have any equipment but you need to have a good idea, drive and ambition to get your message out there.
The best four applications will be accepted and the course will be free of charge. If this sounds like a good opportunity for you please apply below.
Courses will be held on October 1st - December 1st, 2020 and will be provided in English.
Deadline for Submission: September 25.

Practical Outcomes:
What is the final product? A short documentary film 10-20 minutes;
Packaged project with logline, synopsis, treatment, basic budget & still images;

Learning Outcomes:
An understanding of what Documentary is and how it fits into our personal and global narrative.
Reasons for making Documentaries, the importance of Documentary.
How to develop, make, pack and sell a documentary film.
A mix of practical and theoretical skills will be developed including, but not exclusive to:
Business and Professionalism;
Story telling;
How to write and sell a project;
How to shoot a documentary: communicating with characters, communicating with the general public or officials, where to put the camera, recording sound, team work on set;
Making editing choices.

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Do you have access to any filming equipment? (not necessary, but useful to know if you have a camera, microphone, editing software on your laptop) *
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