2018 US Trademark Registration Tote Board
This is a questionnaire to permit filers to get listed and ranked in the Fourth Annual US Trademark Registration Tote Board. This listing and ranking will get published by me (Carl Oppedahl) in the Ant-Like Persistence blog.

The closing date for submissions will be Thursday, March 21, 2019. Please count only US trademark registrations for which your firm did the work. The US trademark registrations to be counted will have registered as early as January 2018 or as late as December 2018.

You can count 79-series cases where you handled a response to a provisional refusal.

It will be helpful if you can coordinate with others at your firm to send in just one questionnaire. But it is not a big problem if two different people at a firm send in questionnaires. I will be able to sort the results and cull out duplicate responses.

The questionnaire asks for your email address. This email address will not get published -- I just ask for it in case I might need it to ask you a followup question. I won't disclose any of the email addresses outside of the firm.

Please don't report anything other than factually accurate numbers. This tote board would not serve its readers well if a respondent were to pad its numbers.

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