The Bridge Birth Center Satisfaction Survey
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The birth center was well equipped.
My midwives did a good job of explaining how to arrange meeting at The Bridge birth center while in labor.
The birth suite was comfortable.
If I had contact with The Bridge birth center staff, they were courteous and helpful.
My midwives explained where I could park while at The Bridge birth center.
I was dissatisfied with something about my experience at The Bridge birth center (Please explain below)
I was satisfied with my experience at The Bridge Birth Center.
The registration process was clear and I was able to complete it.
My midwives explained how to register for my birth at The Bridge birth center.
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How did you hear about The Bridge birth center?
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Did you switch your care to midwifery care and a planned birth center birth after initially planning a hospital birth?
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I chose The Bridge Birth Center for my birth because:
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What influenced you to choose a birth center for your labor and birth in this pregnancy?
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