Coding for Beginners - End of course challenge!
Can you make 3 incremental improvements to the Munch MVP code in Python? Let's go!...

Assignment Instructions:

We've set 3 simple coding challenges.

Each challenge is a simple improvement to the Munch app that we've already coded in Python.

If you open your Munch python file in the background, can you solve all three questions in this challenge?

There's an easier, a medium and a hard challenge - we'll let you decide which is which! Fear not though, if you get stuck, particularly on the harder question, the solutions are available at the end!

We recommend you make a copy of your Munch python file, so that you can play around with the code, while you keep your tested and original version unchanged if you ever need it again. Of course, the source code for Munch is available via our website if you do happen to need it.

Best of luck and have fun...
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