BFC Flying Member Survey Aircraft Upgrade Plan
The Board is looking for feedback from the flying members of PDW on current and future needs and wants. This feedback is very important, and we urge all flying members to take some time and complete the survey.

We have estimates for a number of required and optional maintenance items and upgrades. Some are presented here to help members understand the potential costs. The results of the survey will help the Board to set both short and longer term plans.

If you are not sure about any of the questions or you simply don't have an opinion on the question, please select "3" as your answer.

Also note that some questions will reflect your opinion on the decision to keep PDW in the longer term. If we want to keep PDW long-term, we will need to make some investments. We can be conservative and only do the required maintenance or we can spend more deeply. You might also have the opinion that we should consider a different aircraft.

The survey format offers limited choices and we know that you may have other great ideas for us to explore. The survey ends with a free form comment box for any constructive input that you may have.

We sincerely value everyone's opinion. However, we all know that the Board will not be able to please everyone.

Email address *
Instrument Flying: How likely are you to fly IFR with the BFC Aircraft? *
No Way
PDW Engine Overhaul (Estimated at $35,000+) Should we plan to do this overhaul at recommended TBO or when needed based on condition? *
On Condition
COM 2 (Estimated at $5,500+) How important is it for you to have COM 2 working? Remember that COM 1 has a feature that allows you to monitor a second frequency. *
No at all
Very Importnat
Heading Indicator Overhaul (Approx $1,500) vs. Electronic Instruments (like the Garmin G5 HSI and AI at about $10,000). Should we overhaul or buy new instruments? *
New Instruments
Interior Refit: Replacing carpet, plastics, seats (Estimate not available). Should we invest in fixing up the interior of PDW? *
Of the options provided, which PDW expense do you feel is the most important? *
PDW Long Term: Would you like to see the Board invest in PDW for the longer term or should we start planning the acquisition of a different aircraft? *
PDW Long Term
Plan to Replace PDW
Comments, Explanations, and Motivations: Please be brief. If you need to write a long response, feel free to send an email to Harrison and Steve who will bring your input to the Board. Email addresses are on our website.
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