2019 Northeast Dreamin' Call for Volunteers
Thanks so much for your interest in helping out behind the scenes at our proud second Northeast Dreamin' (NED) conference! We're thrilled to have you join us, both as attendees and as extra helping hands. Especially with our jam-packed two days of content, we couldn't do this without our amazing Community like you!

Please fill out your details below. We will send the signup sheet to folks who show their interested in volunteering with us using the form. And, remember to register as well! We can't wait to see you in Manchester.

Any questions? Let us know at volunteers@northeastdreamin.com

For rough job descriptions of volunteer roles, see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eg663KZ9XWCX6lbbUisJ2oWhNtUGvKL1DEl1kKQNWkY

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Phone Number *
We'll operate off largely off email & Slack, but may text and/or call (especially day of)
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Do you have experience in:
Our Sessions team is still looking for volunteer teaching assistants for Hands on Trainings in these areas
General Availability *
Please check all that apply. Note: shifts will not be this long! We are looking for each volunteer to sign up for one 2hr shift, and are not expecting vols to take more than one shift. (We want you to enjoy the conference as well!) Also, note for SPEAKERS: yes, you can still check the time block you're presenting during if you're interested in volunteering before/after.
Availability for 30 min. Orientation/Training Call *
Check the options that work for you for a Volunteer Orientation; we'll pick most popular (potentially two sessions if split). All times ET.
Any additional needs or concerns?
Especially around accessibility, eg. "can only do seated shifts." (Speakers: we know who you are and when you're presenting, so no worries there!)
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