US-RSE Association Community Building Workshop
We are excited to announce our first ever US-RSE Community Planning Workshop. Thanks to a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation we'll be able to sponsor a two-day workshop focused on building the US-RSE Association!

This workshop has two main goals:
1. Grow the RSE community by establishing and strengthening professional networks of current RSEs and RSE leaders.
2. Generate material/content for the website that promotes and supports current/future RSEs in alignment with the mission of the US-RSE.

The workshop will be held on April 21-22, 2020 in Princeton, NJ. All participant expenses will be covered by the grant. We are asking for individuals to use this form to express and interest and ability to attend the entirety of the workshop. If are interested but cannot attend or are unsure at this time, please fill out the form anyway, indicating this. We would like to gauge overall interest in such a workshop for future planning. You can also suggest other potential attendees in the space at the bottom of the form.

Because of limited funding and space, and the recent exciting growth of the community we unfortunately anticipate we will not be able to accommodate everyone. We have formed a workshop organizing committee to help with ensuring we have as diverse a participant group as possible. This is a priority for us, and therefore we are asking you to voluntarily provide any diversity related information that would help us achieve this goal.

Please note that all information you provide *will* be shared with the workshop organizing committee and included in a final report to the Sloan Foundation. If you are uncomfortable at any point you should stop and exit the form. Please do not disclose any information you are not comfortable sharing.

This form will remain open until at least December 13, 2019.

Any questions can be directed to: Ian Cosden (, Jeff Carver (, and/or Dan Katz (
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If invited, I can attend the US-RSE Community Building Workshop April 21-22, 2020 in Princeton, NJ.
If invited, I can accept reimbursement for my travel expenses from Princeton University.
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Are there other people you think would be good to have at this workshop? If so, either ask them to fill out this form, or suggest them here, including their email address. We will then tell them that they were suggested and ask them fill out this form.
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