EMAS Overtime Payments & Annual Leave Questionnaire
If you wish us to consider whether you have a potential claim for a failure by your employer to include overtime that you have worked in calculating your holiday pay, please complete this form in as much detail as possible.
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When did you last take Annual Leave where you think you were underpaid because of overtime that you worked?
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AUTHORITY: It is important that you understand that your Union are investigating a number of possible similar claims. To facilitate the conduct, co-ordination and settlement of those claims, it is important that you give the following authorities and by signing this questionnaire, you authorise the investigation of your own individual case and the following: (1) I authorise the Union’s solicitors to take instructions on the conduct of my potential claim, including the issuing of Tribunal proceedings. (2) I agree and understand that I must continue to pay my Trade Union subscriptions throughout the period of any claim pursued on my behalf, even if my present employment ends. (3) I understand that I am free at any time to revoke this authority but that if I do so the Union and/or solicitors will be unable to act for me. *
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