Bus Stop Change Request
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The bus passes by my house on the way to a stop up the street. Why can’t it just stop and pick up my child at home?
Please understand that we transport more than 2400 students every day, so it is impossible to provide door-to-door service to everyone, and do it in a timely manner. It is more efficient to pick up several students in one stop, usually at a corner or other mid-way point for the students.
How can I get the stop moved closer to our home?
It is important to remember that the parent is responsible for the safety of the child to and from the bus stop. With our routing software, and our knowledge of the areas we service, we try very hard to place our bus stops at the safest location possible.
Why does our bus stop change from year to year?
Each year, students move in and out of neighborhoods, plus, students advance in grade levels. Therefore, stops change to accommodate all students in the area.
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