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Welcome to the ICC HeritageINDIA 2019 application! The application deadline is March 31, 2019. Please read the instructions below carefully, and note that the program will be July 21­ to August 10, 2019. Once you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please let us know.

If you have questions, please contact Raj Desai, CEO, ICC at raj@indiacc.org We look forward to receiving your application!
The theme for 2019 will be India’s Riches: History, Culture, Diversity/ Democracy.

In July, the group will meet in India's capital, New Delhi. Over the course of three weeks, we will also visit the Indian states of Gujarat and Kerala. Curriculum for the trip will include, but not limited to, visiting the following:

1. Delhi: ­ Guided tour of Old Delhi around the theme of history, culture, and diversity; Guided tour of New Delhi around the theme of democracy; Guided visit to Taj Mahal/ Fatehpur Sikri.

2. Ahmedabad: ­ Curated walks and talks, a project with Mahatma Gandhi International School around Gandhi/ Non-Violence/Youth Activism, Visit Sherisa Village.

3. Kerala:­ Introduction to the rich heritage of South India in terms of our theme elements focusing on history, culture, and democracy with a project/service learning opportunity

The selection process will be in 3 steps and will include:

1) Complete and submit the application.

2) Letter of Recommendation. Share this link with the person recommending you for this program: https://goo.gl/forms/jgIupTjpfwNfESm73

3) If your application is selected, you will be called for an in-person meeting at the beginning of April. This will be attended by the applicant and the applicant’s parents.

Cost of attending ICC HeritageINDIA 2019:

The entire cost of the program which includes airfare to India, accommodation in Delhi, Ahmedabad & Kerala, all local transportation, meals, and entry tickets (wherever applicable) is $5000+. ICC will subsidize a portion of this expense and the applicant will contribute $3500.

Essential Documents required by the applicant:
1. Passport
2. All necessary immunizations per CDC guidelines

We will notify if you have been selected for the program by April 8, 2019.

This program is applicable for high school students in the State of California of Indian descent, preferably born in the United States and have ideally never been to India before, who are currently between the ages of 15-18 years.

IMPORTANT: You CANNOT save this form halfway through. We recommend browsing through the entire document, jotting down the questions, writing and editing them offline, and uploading your answers in one go. This will ensure you avoid losing any work.

We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary and theme.

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16. Please list all the countries you have visited or will have visited by July of 2019, along with the purpose of travel and approximate year. If you have never left your home country, please say "NONE". *
We want to offer select scholarships for travel to India to students that otherwise would have trouble finding the opportunity. Be sure to honestly list all travel, including future plans, and tell us a little bit about the trip. We want to understand who you went with and why you traveled. If we later find that you have not told us of all your travel, this can disqualify you from the trip to India.
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