2019 Priceless Art Grant Application
This is the 14th year of Priceless! We are fully in our teens now and there is no going back. Come and celebrate our young adulthood in Belden Town from July 4th through July 7th!

Those tumultuous teenage years are full of emotion, growth, and learning to be independent in the world. As we stretch and mature into our future selves we learn who we are and what is important to us. For this year’s Priceless, let’s explore art that reflects and activates on periods of intense growth and learning. What are we trying to discover? How do we know what paths to take? What signposts do we use to point us where we want to go? How does physical, emotional, or spiritual growth impact our interactions with the world? Is there art you are inspired to create that ruminates on past, present, and future growth?

Let’s also infuse Priceless with whimsical art, playful art, interactive art - art that enchants and invites! We welcome art that brings together new friends on the dance floor and on the water, entices exploration in the woods, delights the taste buds with serendipity, and sparks spontaneous gathering spots for connection.

The art committee funds the creation of new art installations as well as existing art and art destined for the Playa. We are excited to fund the next round of creative and magical delights that the Priceless community consistently brings to Belden Town!

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 24, 2019. Please use this form to introduce your proposed art installation. As a helpful guide, the questions on this form can be viewed here in advance: https://goo.gl/UqKCXK

Email the art team with questions at art.priceless@false-profit.com. Applicants will be informed of their grant status before Priceless tickets go on sale.

Thank you for your interest in bringing art to Priceless!

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Are you a professional artist? We love art by all level of artist from first time creator to professional! As a community-focused event we are aware of what it takes to support yourself through making art and want to take that into account with our funding allocations.
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