JBF Vacaville - Valet Tagger Registration - Spring Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2019
Would you like to have a side-hustle that earns you easy money? If so, signing up to be one of our Valet Taggers might be a great fit! You don't have to be a consignor to be a Valet Tagger, you just have to be someone with enough time to help other consignors tag their items! JBF Vacaville's Spring sale is Feb 28-Mar 3, 2019.

Join our team of valet taggers by reading our rules, reviewing the Valet consignor agreement, and filling out this form. As a tagger, you earn 20% of sales from each and every item you tag! With our easy tagging website, its almost like printing your own money!!!

How it works:
1) Consignors register for Valet Tagging service.
2) Valet Tagging coordinator screens the request and assigns the consignor to a Valet Tagger. We will provide all the supplies you need (minus a computer & printer) to complete the assigned order.
3) The Valet Tagger and consignor arrange a time for item drop-off.
4) The Valet Tagger creates tags for all items in our tagging system. All the items must be tagged as part of our half-price sale and to donate if not sold (this is also outlined in our valet consignor agreement). Prices are set by our price guideline and the taggers best judgement. We have lots of resources for you! And remember, YOU want the items to sell also because you earn 20%!
4) Notify the consignor when all tags are complete, but before you print the tags! The consignor has 2 days to review the tags and change prices on any item.
5) After tags are reviewed, print and tag each item. All items should be prepared as if you are taking them to drop-off.
6) Arrange with the consignor for them to pick up their items & distribute their consignor presale pass. We do not offer storage of valet items.
7) Get your check emailed to you within 14 days after the sale & cash that puppy!

In review:
-Becoming a Valet Tagger has NO upfront costs.
-You earn 20% of all sales for items you tagged!
-You also earn a 12-hr team member presale pass for all your hard work! That means you get to shop the pre-sale starting Thurs, Feb 27 @ 10am!

What types of items would I be tagging?
All clothing infant to Juniors and maternity, baby equipment (bouncers, high chairs, floor mats, exercise saucers,diaper bags and carriers), large and small toys, outdoor toys, ride on toys, books, puzzles, games, breast pumps,etc!

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