Turtle Mountain Community College: Research Request Form
All research involving the Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) requires a letter of approval from the college President prior to the start of the intended research. Please fill out this form to initiate and facilitate this internal portion of the research approval process. Please follow the prompts/instructions for each question below, and note that all questions are required.

Note: We ask that you do not specifically identify TMCC in published materials without TMCC approval.

Disclaimer: Review by the Research Approval Subcommittee alone is not sufficient to begin implementing any protocol in the Turtle Mountain community. However, this process is required to access TMCC facilities, resources, or students, personnel, or staff members for research. You must follow guidelines for full review of your research protocol by the Tribal Nations Research Group (TNRG) (http://www.tnrg.org/) which, by the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Research Protection Act, has the responsibility of acting as the Research Review Board agency that is compliant with applicable federal, state, and tribal requirements.
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