Child Indemnity Policy Form 2020/2021
For ANY and ALL child(ren) aged 11 years and younger whom you require to be in the Eastern States Speedway pit area during racing, the below form must be filled in annually, along with the following rules accepted.

This puts the responsibility of the child’s welfare whilst in the pit area during racing on the below named Parent/Caregiver.

Any children in the pits during the race meeting that have not been signed in, wearing the armband colour of that night, or a high visibility vest/clothing for the duration of the meeting will be asked to leave the pit area.

This is for your children’s safety, so please be responsible and follow the listed rules to ensure we are keeping our future drivers safe whilst in our busy pit area.
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Child #3 - Age (skip if not required)
Car number and class the child(ren) will be associated with
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