Bronix Twitter Campaign Sheet
The eligibility criterions for participation in the Twitter campaign are:
(a)You must be following our official Twitter page
(b)While registering to our Bounty registration campaign, your twitter account should approved have read-only access to our campaign
(c) An individual can register only one Twitter account for participation
(d)The twitter account must have been created four months back prior to the bounty campaign opening date
(e)All the Bronix tweets should be kept on your account until the bounty rewards distribution has been completed
(f) Make sure to include the hashtag #bronixcoin while retweeting, unless the retweet already accompanies a hashtag
3 self tweets each week with hashtag #bronixcoin
7 retweets every week
(e) Website to signup
(f) Join our telegram Group for daily update
Bronix offers a bonus reward points equal to relevant% of your twitter friends at the time of registration.Your twitter account must be real and open to public. Fake accounts are not allowed and will not be qualified and paid.
Type of Post Bounty reward Points
Number of friends bonus 5% single time bonus
Like the tweets published by the Bronix Twitter Page +1
Retweet the tweets published by Bronix Twitter page +2
Comment on the tweets published by Bronix Twitter page +1
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