Labrador Health Report Data Entry
About this survey
This survey is to assist us to discover the areas of  health giving concern in Labradors  born after 1995. Once the information has been collected it  is the intention of the Labrador Breed Council Health Sub-Committee  (LBCHSC) to prioritise the areas of health that have the most deleterious impact on Labradors and their owners.
Once this data has been collected the LBHSC  plan to seek advice and expertise and research into these areas to ascertain what changes can be made to improve those areas of Labrador Health.
The survey is primarily for UK-based Labrador owners, but we are happy to receive responses from owners outside the UK,  particularly if your dog was bred in the UK.
If you have more than one dog please complete a separate survey for each dog.
Questions covered:
– details of your Labrador
-  health issues affecting your dog
- the impact on the dog of these issues
- if the dog is no longer alive the cause of death
All responses will be treated as confidential and all results will be presented anonymously.  No owners or dogs will be identifiable from the reports produced.
The survey is for dogs only born after 1996.  
We hope to get the first reports and analyses of this survey published in May 2017.  They will be available at www. labrador breedcouncil 
If you have any questions about this survey please e-mail:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You can complete the survey by opening it in a new window by clicking here.

You can use this Form to enter a Health Report for ONE Labrador (born any time from 1995).  Please submit a new Form for each additional Labrador.

By using this Form you agree to the Labrador Breed Council using the data you supply to inform their Health Plans and to provide reports on the health status of a Labrador.

Your personal details and those of your Labrador(s) will not be shared publicly and will only be used, in confidence, by the Breed Council's Health and Welfare Sub-Committee.  
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