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Thank you for attending a BSUG session! We would appreciate if you could take some time (2-5mins) to participate in our survey! We hope that we can continue to improve the BSUG lecture series with your feedback. Thank you for your help!

The Building Simulation Users’ Group (BSUG) was created in 2009 to help start a community centered around architecture and engineering-focused building simulation. Users’ groups are in unique positions to generate content that draws upon the diverse expertise of its members and guest lecturers. This content has the potential to help support and add value to the established simulation community.

BSUG 2017 Summary:

March 22nd, 2017 : TMSF Energy Optimization by Skylar Swinford & Scott Yribar

April 26th, 2017 : Using Analytics to Optimize Equipment Operation and Reduce Energy Use by Jake MacArthur

May 24th, 2017 : The Power of the Hour - The Multitude of Uses for Hourly Energy Model Output

June 28th, 2017: Climate Design Tools

October 25th, 2017: Using Building Simulation to Analyze Energy Savings from a Smart Thermostat

November 15th, 2017: LightStanza - Accurate, Intuitive, Web-Based Daylighting

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