We are Fire : Gaea Lady Fire Eating Workshops
Welcome! I'm so excited you'll be joining for class! Please fill out this form to REGISTER and let me know when you'll come to class. There are 4 dates with 6-8 spots each. See below.

-class held at the Eco Collective Chicago 2042 W 21st St. Chicago, IL 60608
-doors open 10 minutes before class, not before.
-bring $50 cash or paypal/venmo to gaealady@gmail.com
-plan to order fire torches (links below) or tell gaea you need them at least 1 week before class. She will have a limited amount available for borrow and sale.
-wear natural fibers (cotton, hemp, wool, linen etc...) NOT synthetic fibers. Plan to pull your hair out of your face. Wear shoes you can dance in outside.
-bring a water bottle

We will cover in this class:

-basic fire safety information
-fire eating (putting flame out in the mouth)
-fire fleshing (drawing the flame over skin)
-basic transfers (using fuel on the body to ignite the flames)

Everyone will be given the opportunity to eat fire multiple times and safety for each other.

I have been fire eating for 8 years now with a heavy focus on dancing with the fire. (I don't breathe or do vapor tricks for my health). I'd love to teach you!

links to order fire torches: (you do not need hollow torches for this class, though you may use them with no problem)

lots of options on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=fire%20eating%20torches
simple torches $25 : https://www.etsy.com/listing/200632357/pair-of-handmade-fire-eating-torches
long burning torches $40 : http://www.burningpassion.com/products/eating-torches/fire-eating-torches/

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Will you order you own fire torches? (gaea has a limited amount for borrow, and will have a few pairs for sale for $30-40. Please tell me what you plan so I can order what we need.) *
I acknowledge that fire eating is dangerous and potentially harmful. I do this of my own free will and want. I do not hold the instructor, Gaea Lady /Andrea Mattson, or the Eco Collective liable for any potential harm come to my person due to this class, or future fire eating done, ever. By signing this online form, I release Gaea Lady / Andrea D Mattson from any fault of my potential hazard, harm, injury, or trauma. (type name below) *
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