Haunted House Escape Room
You are on a day trip to a pumpkin patch with a group of three friends when suddenly the car dies. Apparently someone forgot to gas up the car. You remember a gas station a couple miles back.

Emily and Christian go walk to the gas station to get some more gas while you and Jonas stay behind with the car. Jonas hears a noise and gets out of the car thinking Emily and Christian forgot something. You get out of the car with him. As you get out the car door locks. You and Jonas are locked out of the car and Christian had the keys.

It begins to storm. Just as thunder strikes Jonas notices a house that neither of you saw before.  Jonas convinces you to go to the house to seek shelter. You can't help but get an eerie feeling from the house, but the rain grows harder you enter the house despite your better instincts as Jonas text Christian where you'll be waiting.
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You understand that this is a Haunted House that may result in your virtual demise. There will be bloody and scary events described. Are you still willing to continue? *
You have entered the house and the door has slammed behind you. What do you do now? *
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