Copper Street Brass - Big Ears and the Blue Ox Survey
Thank you for joining us for our "Big Ears and the Blue Ox" presentation! This brief survey will help us evaluate our program and improve the experience for the future. Thanks for your time!
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How did you find out about "Big Ears"? Check all that apply
If you are a school music teacher, did you use the lessons and/or audio materials we sent in advance?
If you are a school music teacher, do you have any comments about the lessons and/or audio materials we sent in advance?
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Did you/your students enjoy the presentation?
Not at all
Loved it
How did you feel about the length of the presentation?
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Too Long
What things did you enjoy most?
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What suggestions for improvements would you make?
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How likely would you be to attend another CSB concert or presentation in the future?
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If you would like, please provide a quote about your perceived value of the program for children that we may use in grants or other materials. This helps us secure funding to bring "Big Ears" to more children.
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If you are a school administrator: If you were asked to pay a fee for a program like "Big Ears", how would you respond?
If you are a school administrator: What fee/fee range do you think would be appropriate for your school to pay for a program like "Big Ears"?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about the program's logistics, booking, or scheduling?
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Thanks again for your time!
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